The SoCal Showit Template Launch with Emily Penuelas


Launch days for template users have become SO fun for me! Emily Launched her brand new site with the SoCal Showit Template in our shop! I LOVED using her work as inspiration when I created this template, and now LOVE seeing her putting it to use for herself even more!

When creating this Showit template I wanted to appeal to those with a more neutral color palette within their work and feeling-focused imagery.

What Emily had to say about the SoCal Showit template:

“These templates were everything I’ve been looking for & more! I cannot tell you how long it’s been on my to-do list to revamp my website & then I found these templates!! They are a game-changer and made my life so easy! Michaela did all the hard work of creating an amazing base to go off of and then you get to do the fun part of customizing and making it your own! Also, the designs are STUNNING! You can tell Michaela poured her heart into these and it definitely shows!”

View her site Here!

Dunn Design Co creates custom Showit websites and brands for photographers and other creatives. Take a look at our template shop or get started on your custom Showit website!

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