Dunn Design Co creates websites for photographers and creatives so that they can get your life back. It's time to sit back and let your new brand and website to not only speak to your ideal clients, but get them in your inbox.

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I want you to be creating your best work over and over again. I want you to go into your work days so excited and walk away so proud. I want you to be working with people that get you. 

All of that can be fixed with the right here. Think about it, your website is basically a love note to the clients that trust you and your vision. 

Start saying no to projects that don't fuel you

For the business owners that Crave real connections

To take your deeper meaning and imply it. Make it known to your clients why you do what you do. Making your website so it's obvious who you are serving.

With my past experience in the industry, once being the client, and my design expertise I will create a website that makes you wonder why you waited so long.

My focus when I design for you is this

Time to get your life back. Seriously, let's get you booking your highest packages, taking on clients that you've dreamed of working with, and give you a break so you can live your life too.

our core values


Our designs and work are intentionally created so that your clients feel heard. We have a purpose within every little move we make with designing. 


We never want you to feel lost during this design process. Which is why we have created multiple ways of preventing confusion. Everything will be laid out so you know what to expect.


You want to put your trust in a team that cares about your success.

You want to finally invest in your business.

You want to have a site that prompts connection.

You want to finally start checking things off your to-do list.

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