You hit a ceiling in your income and watching everyone else scale has you wanting more.


You're a busy entrepreneur that got caught up in running your biz and now it's running you!


You know what you're doing when it comes to your craft. No one need to help you there, but you're at a place of feeling like you want growth.


You didn't start a business to have it run you. You did it to create the life you've always wanted.      So why aren't you?

trying to FIND YOUR balance can
be exhausting and overwhelming.

instead let's water your own garden

We've been there and done all that and came to one conclusion, we were busy comparing to other people and trying to grow by looking over the fence...

its not just you babe

Plus, bonuses like guest speakers, resources, 1:1 upgrades, and more!

6 group coaching calls packed with knowledge and support

six full months of 1:1 access to me via telegram

A kick-ass community of like minded business owners 

Get an insider peek at our whole process from start to finish, so you can market yourself to your leads with the confidence, knowledge and resources to build high-converting, impactful experience for your clients.

20/20 is A 6 month mastermind focusing on establishing your voice and message so that you're booking clients that wont bat an eye to work with you.

introducing • introducing •

Meet eric,
past mastermind student

Since joining the mastermind eric has:

  • Started Standing out in his industry, and getting compliments on his brand.
  • On track to be completely booked for next year!
  • Has established systems and a workflow that keeps clients inqiring and booking!

Stevee Elchynski Photography

Stevee Elchynski

Boudoir with Rylee


Emma Lauren Photos

Emma Lauren

Stevee Elchynski Photography

Stevee Elchynski

She has been such a dream to work with! Her knowledge is so appreciated and I highly recommend reaching out to her if you’re wanting to take your business to the next level!

Boudoir with Rylee


life changing. I receive so many personal compliments from people and get so many more google views. I am so happy with it and I am so proud of it because it’s me. Thank you so much for doing what you do!! 

The Wandering B Photography


I’m already seeing an improvement and have started booking clients of a high caliber.


Are you set up to still gain bookings if social media disappeared? The big ole scary SEO will become your best friend by the end of this.

Understand SEO and how to use it

Shifting from the struggleprenuer to the CEO that is planning out what your months will look like before they happen.

Planning 6-12 months out not just a month

Working on your mindset to pull in clients that fuel you. To get bookings that make you excited not just barely pay for your gas. 

Create your dream business

Workflows, email templates, worksheets, etc. Getting your business set up so emails are automated and you are creating an experience without lifting a finger.

Get your business working for you

No more 7 day work weeks. It's time to build your business so that it feeds your soul. Not working you til burnout every year.

Feed the human behind your business

You will learn how to effectively market to your audience. No more loose brands, posting just to post, and creating flash sales because you need the income last minute.

Increase bookings

By the end of this program you will hit these milestones...

Wondering what sets us apart from every other program out there?

And so much more

Listen, I am tired to the struggle and the fluff. Let's get right to it and get your business built to handle the success that is to come your way- but are you ready to handle it?

No truly, what are you doing to bring in bookings. Are putting your energy in the right places? Is your 5 hours on instagram posts converting or would Pinterest be more useful for you and your business? We will be going over marketing tactics that bring in clients.

Spread the word


Are you the reason you aren't booking? Are you confident in your pricing, are clients excited to work with you or are you desperate? Retire the cheap and burnt out photographer to being the one people are dying to pay thousands for.

Are you pushing


This month we will address pain points, goals, and get started to creating a business that is set up to handle success in the right way. Social media and website audits galore!

The "Basics"


The Discovery

Finalizing a game plan that you will follow to keep the momentum of bookings even in the slow seasons. Which means- not leaving you empty handed as we end the mastermind.



We all know that the market feels like there's a photographer everywhere you turn. But truly what are you doing to pull them in? What are ways that your business serves unlike the others? Time to put the work in.

Go big or go home


Diving deep to pin point what restrictions you have and how to overcome them. No more playing it small, no more "not enough time". 

What's holding you back


Adding in our 3rd speaker according to the needs of the mastermind.



Effective altruism, optimism empower; thought partnership her body her rights mobilize justice. Think tank, impact emerging inspire engaging, justice sustainable.



Kait is my go-to copywriter and this gal is FULL of knowledge. She will be touching base on SEO and branding/website copy on a call.

Morph Copy


I have created multiple resources that you will have access to, email templates, tutorials, check-lists, and more! 



Want some more 1:1 and want to upgrade to get 1:1 calls added into your time in the mastermind- You're in for a treat.

VIP Upgrades


Remember I promised results. Starting with getting my insight on what you're currently doing and what I suggest for you! I will be doing social media- website - SEO audits for you within our time together!



If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together

YOU WANT MORE TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY / You've hit an income plateau you just can't break / TECH OVERWHELM IS REAL / You're tired of watching every one else make it happen...

YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING if this is for you...

Guest speakers, resources, and limited 1:1 call upgrades!


Bringing your business to LIFE. Implementing, action taking, and diving into the strategies to get you to your goals.


We step into the discovery phase by digging deeper into why. Why your clients are still price shopping. Why your income is at a plateu. Why you're reaching burn out. 


how it works

Six payment of


6 months

3 months

Apply today for as low as $375


8 payment of


8 months

6 Group coaching calls

3 Guest speakers

Weekly access to me via Telegram app

Community Chat

Access to all my resources

Three payments  of


12 month

Twelve payments  of


Get a 60 minute 1:1 Call

6 Group coaching calls

3 Guest speakers

Weekly access to me via Telegram app

Community Chat

Access to all my resources

Get a 60 minute 1:1 Call

6 Group coaching calls

3 Guest speakers

Weekly access to me via Telegram app

Community Chat

Access to all my resources

6 Group coaching calls

3 Guest speakers

Weekly access to me via Telegram app

Community Chat

Access to all my resources

Listen babe if you start putting these strategies to WORK, you will see results almost immediately. This isn't a hand to hold to do all your work for you. You will have to put the work in to see your growth, but I am going to do and give everything I have to help you get to that!

How fast will I see my return on this  investment?


Yes. Not because I want to, but because this mastermind is not for the newbie. This is for businesses owners who know how to be photographers, but feel like they're hitting a ceiling. This is also a group program, which means that I want to nuture an amazing buzzing group thread... and this can only be done with people who are also committed to one another. Are you down to be active in the group? Then I can't wait to have you!  

Will you decline applications?


YUHHH, the point is to for you to "graduate" as much as I would love to work with you forever, there will come a point where we say peace and love and you're on your way. You will walk out of this Mastermind feeling EMPOWERED and secure in your business. This is the leap of faith your business and you need.

Will this set us up?

frequently asked questions

In 2022 I invested in a 6 month coaching program that PROPELLED my business forward. Having accountability, encouragement, and someone to bounce ideas off of was just what my business needed.

Through that experience I learned that my inner genius lies within helping others succeed. My eyes light up and I get so excited to spend my days on strategy calls that are all about you and your businesses. 

I get it, the investment is scary... but staying exactly where you are is scarier.

Michaela Dunn

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