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No, really. Our founder, Micheala, used to be a wedding photographer. And while she loved her job of capturing joy, she found something she loved even more – creating it. 

That’s exactly what Dunn Design Co is here to do. Create absolute freakin’ joy in your journey with thoughtful branding and deliberate design that uplifts your business to its full potential and sets you apart from the rest. 

Want to know more about why we do what we do? 

she truly valued & considered my opinion & ideas, which meant the world to me. I am in love with my new website + branding & can't wait to show it off every chance I get."


abbey lynn photography

Abbey Lynn

Michaela was so easy to work with, patient, professional and kind, & she perfectly captured my vision for the new website & branding.

isn’t that the phrase?

 I was obsessed from the moment she put together a mood board for me and completely nailed it - honestly better than I ever could! She has a way of hearing what you want your brand to be and communicating it perfectly. I can’t wait to share a site that I’m so proud of and it wouldn’t be the same without her involvement!

Stacy Musgrave photography

Stacy Musgrave

Everything was seamless, she has great communication and her ideas and layouts are so creative! 

She knew exactly what I had envisioned without me even having to explicitly say it, and was so communicative every step of the design process. I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone who is looking to revamp their branding/website -- you absolutely will not regret it!

Megan Alea photography

Megan Alea 

Michaela at Dunn Design Co. has been AMAZING to work with!!! She created a website for me that is everything I could've dreamed of.


You deserve expert design that makes you proud and makes you money. 

If you are starting fresh with your very first website (how exciting is that?!) or looking to transform your current site that just feels a little blah, our customizable website templates will give you the easiest glow up in a jiffy. 

Showit Templates

You know who you are and who you serve and you’re dang good at it, too. It’s time to wrap all of that goodness up into custom branding and create a website that leaves dream clients saying “HECK YES!”

Custom Design

the ddc promise

If we wanted cold and transactional processes, we’d go back to corporate. (Um NO thank you!) With us you’ll always receive passionate creativity and an unwavering dedication to fun without sacrificing expert strategy and skillful collaboration. 

Can we get a YASSS to that? 

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Are you totally obsessed with giving your photography clients the best experience and results possible? 

Then it sounds like we have quite a bit in common. 

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