1:1 Consulting

The Project Scope

Emma Lauren is a Elopement and Wedding Photographer in Southern California. During our time together we really focused on setting up the ground work for her to handle the wave of inquires coming through. 

During our time together we accomplished:
- Launching a new website
- Setting up her CRM workflows
- Creating Blog posts to rank for keywords
- Posting on Pinterest for the blog posts 

Emma Lauren Photo


Client testimonial


"I worked with Dunn Co. for three months to help revamp my business. She help implement a lot of back end systems into my workflow to streamline things not just for myself but my clients. She helped elevate my client experience and give that extra touch to ensure my clients felt seen and valued. She took over my blogging and helped redo my website. I’m already seeing an improvement and have started booking clients of a high caliber. Couldn’t recommend her enough and have already signed on to work with her again!"

Site Engagement +83%  /  Site traffic +2,637%  /  Pinterest Impressions +142% / Pinterest engagement +350%



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