For the photographer ready to make the pivot from hobby $$ to becoming a breadwinner

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You're tired of investing time and money into resources that are full of "fluff".


If you're hitting a plateu with your bookings and wanting to see growth.


You're ready to match or surpass the income of your soul sucking job.


You are pivoting your business into something much bigger than a hobby.

trying to figure out what to do first can be exhausting and overwhelming.

This is for you if....

we're here to help you break the cycle

We've been there and done all that and came to one conclusion, you should be able to get those direct answers to questions that you seem to always ask yourself.

its not just you hunny

Understanding the numbers you choose as a photographer and are they just numbers or do they provide you with PROFIT. This teaches profit forward practices and ways to set up your packages.

Pricing + Packages


Before we eye roll and think this section will be basic, inside here I teach you to not only DIY but FULLY understand the importance of a brand and how to embody that so it brings people in through your website and socials. 

Branding + Website


Making sure your business is legit through my business 101 module that covers: Being a legit business, the importance of contracts, programs to use, and other foundational must-haves.

Business 101



How to utilize the platforms out there to boost your business further. No more posting just to post, and no more wondering if it's "working".

Selling on socials


From discovery phase to booking, understanding the process that you're going to intentionally guide your clients through.

Client experience


Embodying your brand past the visuals. Understanding how to stay true to what you've built so that it attracts paying clients.

Branding part 2


Off-boarding your clients is just as important as the on-boarding. Teaching you the ways to get your clients leaving endless raving reviews on google!



Getting you out of the overwhelm and utilizing programs to automate parts of your business so that you create a consistent experience no matter how busy you get. 



Through repelling you will find the most success attracting the clients that seek you out and pay without objection. Doing this through your branding and messaging.

Attracting vs. Repelling


Working with a CPA to create a guide so you don't feel confused come tax season and the logistics of running a business.

Understanding your biz


Feeling like you need help using your brand to the fullest? I got a template ready-to-use just for you!

Branding Template


If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you just need a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, this is like the holy grail roadmap you've been looking for!

YOU WANT YOUR BUSINESS TO SUCCEED / You've hit a plateau you just can't break / EDUCATION OVERWHELM IS REAL / You're tired of watching every other person book out while you're still figuring it out...

YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING if this is for you...


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BONUS: How to DiY your brand 

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I like to say I know a thing or two about pivoting as a business owner as i have successfully started and launched 3 businesses that are all different. But one thing stayed true through all that..

I learned that my inner genius lies within helping others succeed. My eyes light up and I get so excited to spend my days on strategy calls that are all about you and your businesses. 

I get it, the investment is scary... but staying exactly where you are is scarier.

Michaela Dunn

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